Serbia’s Vucic vaccinated in small place in eastern Serbia

NEWS 06.04.2021 13:06
Source: N1

About 80 days after the mass vaccination started in Serbia, the head of state Aleksandar Vucic received the first dose of the Chinese Sinofarm vaccine in Rudna Glava, a small place in the country's east.

After getting the shot, Vucic talked to local people, asking them what the state could do for them.

The video of his immunisation appeared on his Instagram profile.


Vucic had been announcing his immunisation several times before. But on Tuesday, he said he had waited for a million people to be revaccinated in Serbia to avoid being accused by the opposition and media such as N1, Nova S TVs and daily Danas of jumping to protect himself first.

He said nothing hurt him after the shot and announced the revaccination „somewhere in Serbia’s south.“

Last month, Vucic said that 500,000 people would be vaccinated after he did it.

Despite praises from all over the world for a successful vaccination in Serbia with four available types of shots, many people are still reluctant, including some medical staff and students, while the anti-vaxxer movement is on the rise.