Serbia’s Vucic to say who wiretapped him, opposition leader demands

NEWS 15.01.2021 14:32
Borko Stefanović
Source: N1

Borko Stefanovic, a deputy leader of Serbia's opposition Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP), asked on Friday President o Aleksandar Vucic to say who were the people he talked to by phone, that, according to Vucic, were wiretapped and to made the recordings public.

„Those who ordered the wiretapping – people from the police, the prosecution, the BIA state security agency, and the court should be arrested because they worked illegally,“ Stefanovic told reporters outside Vucic’s office.

He said that there was „no place in the world where the head of state who has contacts, hangs out and talks with suspects of the worst crimes still holds the post.“

„Who are the ‘honest people’ whom the President talked on the phone with, who are the people with whom he talked about kicking the ball, as he says,“ Stefanovic asked and called on Vucic to reveal the names.

Vucic earlier said his phone conversations were wiretapped and possessed a part of his wiretapped conversations, which he would never make public, „because he will not destroy his country“.