Serbia’s Vucic: Imagine sanctions on Russia and its support of us in return

Source: Tanjug/ AP Photo/Virginia Mayo, Pool

Aleksandar Vucic, Serbia's President, said on Monday his country would have only one request for Kosovo in the meeting in Brussels on May 11 – to implement everything that had been agreed and signed so far and added Belgrade should take care about own interests when harmonising its foreign policy with the European Union.

Speaking to Serbia’s reporters in Brussels after he met the European Union top officials, Vucic said Serbia faced some limiting factors such as its territorial integrity and did not want to work against its interests and that it wasn’t easy to lead a ‘multi-vector politics.“

„Imagine we impose sanctions against Russia every day and expect its support of our territorial integrity in return,“ he added,

He commented on what he said was  a special political issue in his Brussels talks –  „our acceptance or unification with the EU declarations.“

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„At this moment, it’s just above 52 percent. I told them that certain issues are not easy for us, especially regarding Kosovo, where our strategic interests intertwine. Still, we will do our best to increase the percentage and harmonise with the EU foreign policy by up to 60 percent,“ Vucic said.

Speaking about the forthcoming resumption of the Belgrade – Pristina dialogue on the normalisation of relations, due on May 11, he said it should be seen what the Albanians would demand and that it shouldn’t be expected too much from a single meeting.

But, he added, it was good to talk because only that could ease the tensions.

„We come in goodwill and believe will knock on an open door and be able to talk about essential solutions, primarily about the preservation of stability and peace and compromises for lasting peace in the Balkans,“ Vucic said.

He added that the main topics in his meetings in Brussels were Serbia’s EU integration, the rule of law and the harmonisation of Belgrade’s foreign policy with the bloc.

Speaking about the rule of law, Vucic said Serbia had additionally dealt with that and added that many more good things could be done.

„I think the European Commission (EC) has noted it, but we’ll see what its next report will say. I believe that the EC will award our additional effort by the end of June at the intergovernmental conference in Brussels. And I believe Serbia can open several chapters, i.e., the whole cluster, and two by the end of the year,“ Vucic said.