Serbia’s Stefanovic: I will sue the media that links me to the mafia

NEWS 24.07.2021 12:10
Nebojša Stefanović
Source: Tanjug/MO/Jovo Mamula

Serbian Defence Minister Nebojsa Stevanovic said he would sue all media outlets who "present him as a criminal and conspirator, in collusion with criminals and murderers, without any arguments."

„By placing me in the same basket with the mafia, as those who would ‘profit from the removal of Vucic’, the authors and initiators of such sick ideas have crossed every threshold of decency and I perceive their senseless attacks as attacks on me, my family and my country, and therefore my further answers and steps will be such as to protect everything that is most sacred to me,“ said Stefanovic.

He announced that he would file lawsuits on Monday and added that „the truth must stop this shameless chase, which causes damage and endangers my family, but at the same time severely damages the credibility and reputation of our state.“

In a statement, Stefanovic did not mention the suspected leader of the criminal clan, Veljko Belivuk, by name, but some media close to the authorities published allegations on the front pages of the July 23 issue that Belivuk „worked“ for Stefanovic and „defended“ him in his statement to the Prosecution, while „attacking“ the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic.

On that occasion, the Defence Minister announced that he would not be surprised if „such monstrous lies and attacks“ came from the „Djilas’ media.“

„But I will not allow the media supporting our President and the Government to construct some statements and link me with the mafia, knowing that the arrested murderer is telling lies,“ Stefanovic wrote.


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