Serbia’s statistics office estimates population of 6.8 million

NEWS 01.07.2022 16:50
Source: Beta/Dragan Gojić

Serbia has an estimated population of about 6.8 million people, the Republic Statistics Office (RZS) said on Friday.

A press release said that the estimated number of people in Serbia is 6,834,326 based on natural trends and internal migration statistics. The estimate is that 3,507,325 or 51.3 percent of the population are female with 3,327,001 or 28.7 percent male.

The RZS said that it recorded a continuing depopulation trend – negative population growth of 9.4 percent.

The population is also growing older with 21.3 percent of the population over the age of 65 and 14.3 percent under the age of 15 according to official data for 2021.

According to the 1981 census, Serbia had a population of 9,313,686.

The RZS will organize a census of the population, households and housing in October 2022, the first since 2011 when the population stood at 7,186,862.