Serbia’s RIK won’t report more turnout data on Sunday first time since 2000

NEWS 03.04.2022 21:53

Serbia's Election Commission (RIK) said on Sunday night it would not have any media conference until Monday evening and would not publish the preliminary turnout in the presidential, early parliamentary, Belgrade and 12 other local municipalities' elections in Serbia for the first time since 2000 vote in which the opposition dethroned the then-President Slobodan Milosevic.

RIK will address the media on Monday at 8 pm to announce the preliminary results of the elections.

The head of RIK Vladimir Dimitrijevic said that „most polling stations“ were closed at 8 pm and that everyone who happened to be at the polling station by then would have the right to vote.

Asked to comment the fact that the RIK closed for the night, Vucic said that the same happened at all elections to date. “The RIK has 96 hours, why should they hurry, why they won’t work past 11 pm or midnight and we have to is something else altogether but they will release results in line with the law.. I have been involved since 1993 and election commissions always behave the same

N1’s reporters witnessed long queues after 8 pm at some polling stations in Belgrade. The reason is said to be in three ballots for three different elections, which extended the whole process.

At its last media conference RIK said that by 6 pm on Sunday at Serbia’s presidential, early parliamentary and some local elections, including Belgrade, the turnout was 50,82 percent.

The RIK was heavily criticized for closing down for the night instead of continuing to count the votes as they come in from polling stations. University law professor Vesna Rakic Vodinelic told a We Must (Moramo) news conference that the RIK committed serious violations of the law. United for Serbia’s Victory leader Marinika Tepic said that the RIK also created a precedent by announcing election results while voters were still casting ballots.


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