Serbia’s PSG submits initiative to ban Levijatan group

NEWS 25.06.2021 13:46
Source: N1

The Free Citizens' Movement (PSG) submitted to Serbia's Public Prosecutor's Office an initiative to ban the "Levijatan militant movement."

Other opposition movements and parties supported PSG and their initiative.

PSG leader Pavle Grbovic told reporters they gathered to offer the Public Prosecutor Zagorga Dolovac chance to do her job.

Dolovac has for a long time ignored all initiatives for procedures demanded by opposition politicians and is the only candidate for the second mandate, enjoying full support from the ruling coalition.

„The procedure before the Constitutional Court for bans on movements and political organisations is under her jurisdiction,“ Grbovic said, adding he believed everyone knew what Levijatan was.

The movement was first known as a group of masked men who prevented animal cruelty, particularly dogs.

After a while, they went public and gained sympathies, financial and other support from Serbia and the region.

Becoming famous as animal protectors, the movement has shown its natural face. Their activities now include physical attacks on people who criticise them on social networks, attacks on migrant camps, a close link to ultra-nationalist organisations…

PSG decided to file initiative after the latest incident in the central Kragujevac city, when Levijatan’s members stormed a dog shelter, preventing people there to come to work and „did what they wanted inside, while the police were standing outside the shelter, doing nothing.“

„At the moment when a paramilitary organisation takes over from police, the state ceases to exist,“ Grbovic said.

Source : N1

Some people familiar with the Kragjevac shelter said Levijatan’s alleged motive for intervention that dogs were maltreated was not true but that the movement wanted to take over the big shelter.

Grbovic added that many more people supported the initiative but were afraid of Levijatan’s members. „They are bullies, and this state is not ready to protect people from them and is also fearing them.“

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Levijatan took part in the 2020 general elections and got over 22,000 votes, ending at 16th place out of 21 parties, organisations and movements that ran for the Parliaments seats. They did not cross the three percent threshold.

„They persecute Roma, migrants, take dogs from owners at free will… They are the main generator of insecurity among Serbia security services. They humiliated all professional police officers who cannot do their job because of Levijatan,“ Grbovic said.