Serbia’s Prosecutors dismiss criminal charges against President and Int Min

NEWS 07.02.2022 08:54
Source: FoNet/Instagram predsednika Srbije

Serbia Prosecutors' Office rejected without explanation the charges against Serbia's President Aleksandar Vucic and Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin, filed by their parties last August over alleged links to arrested members of the criminal group.

The criminal charges were filed by the deputy leader of his ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) on behalf of Vucic and by an MP of Vulin’s Socialist Movement, SNS partner on behalf of Vulin following media reports of the criminal group leader Veljko Belivuk statement after the arrest.

„The state leadership is accused of connection with organised crime, and we ask the prosecutors to investigate the accusations,“ Vucic’s lawyer Milos Vucevic said.

The Prosecution kept silent until Sunday night when, at the request of a lawyer of the mother of one of the people believed to be a victim of the Belivuk clan, it said it had dismissed the charges as unfounded and archived.

The lawyer did not get an insight into the explanation of the Prosecution’s decision.

There is no information on whether Vucic and Vulin were questioned. „If they didn’t, that report was the most common political performance, and that is why the results of the investigation cannot be made available to the public,“ lawyer Ivan Ninic said.

Former Ombudsman Rodoljub Sabic said that „even when you report yourself, it is a crime. That situation in which close associates of President Vucic or some of his associates file criminal charges against them, claiming they know very well that their clients are honest people, is a crime of false reporting.“


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