Serbia’s prosecutor says charges against crime boss soon, shows victims’ images

Velja Nevolja Veljko Belivuk hapšenje stadion
Source: Lalić

Mladen Nenadic, Serbia’s Prosecutor for Organised Crime, said on Friday the indictments against Veljko Belivuk’s criminal organisation would be filed within the legal deadline, most probably by next Friday.

He added that the investigation was carried out against 31 suspects for five first degree murders, drug and arms trade, kidnapping and rape.

Nenadic showed reporters images of dismembered bodies but banned the filming, saying the evidence should not leave the prosecutors’ office.

Despite the ban, Nenadis showed photos of the remains of four victims. The images of the fifth, he said, could not be seen before they were shown to the family.

Nenadic said the prosecutors secured expertise and material evidence from the premises where the victims were believed to have been killed.

He added Serbia had great international assistance in discovering evidence from the Sky platform the suspects, as he said, use for communication.

That was the third display of the mutilated bodies and the first whose publishing was banned.

Before Nenadic, Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic and Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin showed those images at news conferences in March and earlier in July again, causing outrage by the public and experts.

Belivuk was officially the head of a Partizan FC supporters’ group and said to be the leader of a criminal group suspected of the most heinous crimes.

On Thursday, the KRIK investigative website published what it said was Belivuk’s testimony during the interrogation.

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He denied crimes but spoke a lot about his links to Vucic, who he said met in person once, and other people from the authorities, claiming he did some work for them.

Vucic, his party officials and the almost entire government denied Belivuk’s claims, saying he was lying to reduce a sentence.

Serbia’s President denied any links to Belivuk and his group on Thursday and said that he would spend life in prison if it was proved.

He and his allies also suggested Belivuk had links with some opposition leaders and ‘their’ media, and Vucic announced the evidence in a public address on Saturday.

On Friday, the Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament called for an end to claims that Serbia’s opposition was linked to organised crime.

On the other hand, the opposition blamed Vucic as being a mafia boss in Serbia and demanded his resignation or dismissal.




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