Serbia’s pro-regime tabloid editor fined for insulting N1 reporter, faces prison

NEWS 08.04.2022 12:45
Source: N1

The editor-in-chief of the pro-regime tabloid 'Informer,' Dragan J. Vucicevic was convicted of "prolonged insult committed to the detriment of N1 journalist Zaklina Tatalović", lawyers Dragan Maravic and Srdjan Dugonjic said on Friday.

Vucicevic’s attorney Boris Bogdanovic appeal from October 2021 was rejected, and the Belgrade First Basic Court ruling verdict was confirmed.

The court sentenced Vucicevic to a fine of 200,000 dinars (roughly €1,700), which he must pay within three months. He was warned that the court would sentence him to six months in prison if he did not pay the fine within the deadline.


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