Serbia’s politician will file criminal charges against Vucic for bribery

NEWS 26.01.2022 10:46
Source: N1

The president of the 'Black and White' (Crno na Belo) movement in Serbia, a law professor Vladimir Vuletic, said he would file criminal charges against Serbia's President Aleksandar Vucic, for what he described as bribery ahead of the April 3 elections in the country.

Vucic said in an interview last weekend that if his Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) won the upcoming elections, he would suggest that the young people in Serbia receive another 100 euros of state aid.

Serbia’s Government has already decided to give 100 euros to people between 16 and 29 before the elections.

„In his bestial campaign against the last institutes of freedom of choice and freedom of vote, Vucic violates Article 156 of the Criminal Code, promising a part of the citizens a bribe in two parts. He gives them the first part before the elections, publicly promising they will get the second part if he wins the upcoming elections,“ Vuletic told the independent Danas daily.

The Black and White movement was founded in 2021 with the same name as a coalition in Montenegro.

Earlier, pollical observers told N1 Vucic’s move was an illegal attempt to influence the voters.

They added that people from 16 to 29 years of age were not interested in politics and did not belong to Vucic’s voters and accused Vucic of trying to attract them with that „marketing pre-election move and post-election promise; 100 + 100 euros for their votes is for criminal prosecution.“


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