Serbia’s police: N1’s Zoric safety not endangered

NEWS 01.02.2021 16:59
jelena zorić
Source: N1

Serbia's police said on Monday that the safety of N1's reporter Jelena Zoric safety was not endangered despite threats she had received which some lawyers described as typical 'mafia-style threats.'

The police informed Zoric about their assessment at the Interior Ministry headquarters. She was accompanied by her lawyer Slobodan Malesevic.

The N1’s journalist was told that a detailed check was carried out to coordinate with all security services and that everyone had unanimously concluded that there was no danger to her.

N1 had asked for an assessment of Zoric’s safety a month ago, after messages sent to her by Svetislav Bojic, the defence attorney of the main defendant in the marijuana plant Jovanjic case.

Predrag Koluvija, accused of producing about four and a half tons of marijuana, told her through his defence counsel that: „Please be precise in reporting since Predrag Koluvija is an honest man and a great believer. He told me when I went to I visit him: „Zoric destroys me with her reporting, but I pray to God for her health, just as I pray for the health of prosecutor Sasa Drecun and the one who arrested him, Slobodan Milenkovic. “

He added that „whoever sinned against Pedja“ did not do well.

A day later, on December 29, 2020, at the same place after Koluvija’s hearing, Bojic approached Zoric again and said: „Peđa was almost released today, and he greeted you very, very much.“

After that, N1’s lawyers asked the police to check whether Jelena Zoric was endangered.

Following the police Monday’s assessment, they will take responsibility if anything happens to Jelena Zoric.