Serbia’s PM retweets that Vucic should have built a „madhouse“ for critics

NEWS 18.12.2021 13:12
Source: Tanjug/Vlada Srbije/Slobodan Miljević

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic agreed with a tweet stating that President Aleksandar Vucic "failed to build a big madhouse" for political dissidents.

Brnabic retweeted a message on her Twitter account stating: „Vucic built so many hospitals, roads, schools and factories, but he failed to build a big madhouse for Petricic, Markovic and his team. And that’s why crazy people are walking around and threatening him now.“

She commented on the post, saying “truth.”

Dusan Petricic is a well-known Serbian cartoonist, while film director Goran Markovic has publicly criticized the government several times, and in recent days he has been the target of attacks due to an interview in which he said he hopes Vucic is aware of how the rule of Romanian communist dictator Nikolai Ceausescu came to an end.


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