Serbia’s opposition: Shots of naked minors in official’s associate phone

NEWS 12.05.2021 16:44
marinika tepić
Source: N1 (arhiva)

Marinika Tepic, deputy leader of Serbia’s opposition Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP), said on Wednesday that the police confiscated a mobile phone from “the closest associate” of Dragan Markovic Palma, in which there allegedly were videos and photos of naked underage girls.

Tepic earlier accused Markovic of organising parties that ended in pimping young women and girls. He denied accusations, and in the meantime, Tepic said there were seven witnesses ready to testify under oath if they were protected.

On Wednesday, Tepic said the daughters of Markovic’s closest associates and high-ranked official in the southern town of Jagodina. Markovic heads the local municipality.

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Later on Wednesday, Markovic said: „I have nothing to do with any recordings, or with anyone’s mobile phones, let alone with the daughters of my close associates, or with anyone’s daughters. The mother of those girls will soon give a statement about the shots from the phone.“

And indeed, Jagodina’s Social Service Director Biserka Jakovljevic accused Tepic of using her private problem and a personal situation with one woman for politically lynching Markovic.

“A woman from an opposition civil group threatened she would publish inappropriate photos of my underage daughter on social networks. I reported that to the police, which passed it on to prosecutors for Hi-Tech Crime. They arrested the woman and confiscated her phone,” she said.

Tepic earlier added that evidence from the phone was in Serbia’s Interior Ministry (MUP) in Belgrade and asked if MUP sent it to the prosecutors’ office.

She said the phone was confiscated on election day in June 2020, after “a person from Jagodina was arrested.”

Tepic said that some people close to Markovic decided to speak out, and “that’s how we learn about those facts, evidence and everything that sheds more light to what has happened.”

She added she knew who owned the confiscated phone but did not say that person’s name.