Serbia’s opposition named another presidential candidate

NEWS 25.02.2022 12:07
Source: N1

The 'Boris Tadic – Let's Go, People' opposition coalition named Goran Radosavljevic, an economics professor, for a candidate in the April 3 presidential race in Serbia.

The coalition, led by former President Boris Tadic and current Social-democrats (SDS) leader, said it would gather the most respectable people from different social strata. It added it would be the „most serious organisation“ in the forthcoming elections.

Radosavljevic said the last decade’s economic policy made Serbia one of the European poorest countries with a personal income average 40 percent lower than in the European Union member states.

„On the other hand, the destruction of institutions, abuse of public property and state resources, corruption and crime, illegal businesses and money laundry led to the enriching of a small number of people close to the authorities,“ he said.

He underlined the coalition's goal was to build a strong market economy based on economic freedoms, strengthen the welfare state with inclusive growth and enable citizens to work and live on their earnings.

So far, the leading opposition 'United Serbia' coalition named retired general Zdravko Ponos as its presidential candidate.

Other smaller opposition parties and coalitions also published the names of their candidates. At the same time, the current President Aleksandar Vucic still did not say whether he would run for the second term.

His coalition partners said they would support him if he decided to be a candidate.

Vucic leads all ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) tickets in early general, Belgrade and some local elections.



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