Serbia’s opposition leader shows testimony of pimping, says Govt. should fall

NEWS 19.04.2021 15:09
Source: Ivan Dinić/Nova S

The Deputy Leader of Serbia's opposition Party of Justice and Freedom (SSP) Marinika Tepic showed footage of a testimony by a man from the central town of Jagodina who said he witnessed what she described as 'the pimping' of the girls there.

The footage showed the man with his face blurred and voice distorted, who said he worked in a hotel in a nearby Koncarevo place.

The man said that the Jagodina Mayor, Dragan Markovic aka Palma, whose United Serbia party is a coalition partner of President Aleksandar Vucic’s Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) as a part of the Socialist Party of Serbia (SNS), organised parties for business and coalition parties in the hotel and brought girls from 15 to 18 years of age, according to his estimate.

She added that after the revelation, Serbia’s Government should fall.

„It was known that after the parties, those girls were going with him or them, mostly after the girls were drunk,“ the man said.

He added that the hostesses at the parties „forced“ the girls to go, telling them that „nothing will happen.“

After the footage, Tepic called on people in Serbia to look around themselves and help by testifying to „finally confront the monsters from the authorities once for good, whether it’s about men or women.“

Markovic rejected Tepic’s accusations which she first made on Sunday night during the Impression of the Week talk show on Nova S TV, and said he would sue her.

„That’s the stupidest thing I heard from Marinika Tepic and she would have to prove that before a court,“ he said before Tepic showed the footage.