Serbia’s opposition leader: Legal fouls by state power company EPS

Marinika Tepić
Source: N1

A deputy leader of the opposition Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP) Marinika Tepic said on Friday the State Audit Institution's (SAI) report on the operations of Elektroprivreda Srbije (EPS) confirmed the acting director Milorad Grcic violated the Law on Public Procurement by acquirement worth some 244 million Euro (31.53 billion Dinars) in 2018 and 2019.

„The auditor proved that during 2018 and 2019, Grcic violated the law and misused people’s money, while remaining in office after his term expired,“ Tepic told a news conference outside the EPS building, referring to the audit published on Monday.

She said Grcic, according to the SAI, was not allowed to sign EPS contracts since his acting status expired. Tepic added that only a part of the 97 contracts was audited and that there were „hundreds and hundreds“ of contracts in those years.

She added it was determined that in 82 out of 97 analysed public procurement contracts, there was only one bidder.

„That means, either that the conditions have been set for a concrete bidder, or that Milorad Grcic and the EPS political leadership have made an effort to exclude all other bidders,“ she said.

The SAI said Grcic signed at least 1,049 contracts on temporary and occasional jobs for workers to whom he later did not employ permanently, „to keep them on a leash and use them when the elections come,“ Tepic added, alluding Grcic was acting on behalf of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS).

She said the auditor confirmed that since Grcic was still illegally the EPS director, all contracts he signed were void, and added the mandate of the company’s Supervisory Board, which should control the director’s work, had also expired.

Tepic said the SAI also revised the contracts of the companies Nites, Sequester and Aseko, which she previously said had direct political and family ties with the SNS top officials.