Serbia’s Minister: Some environmentalists abuse protest for political purposes

Source: Tanjug/MRE/Zoran Petrović

Zorana Mihajlovic, Serbia's Minister of Energy and Mining, said on Friday ahead of the environmentalists' protest, accused the activists of abusing the ecology, which she said was a generational issue, for political purposes.

„The environment is an issue for all of us, and the state invests in its protection,“ the Minister said, ahead of Saturday’s ‘Environmental Uprisng’ protest scheduled in Belgrade.

Mihajlovic said some people sincerely fought for the ecology, but some „spread untruths, lies and disturb people.“

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They put on ‘green suits’ and try to position themselves on the political scene abusing that issue, she added.

Experts say Serbia has been ignoring the environment for years and even spent money meant for it for other purposes.

The European Union’s Greens also warned about the environmental issues and pollution in Serbia.

Besides a couple of Chinese investors’ polluters, the latest problem Serbia’s activists pointed out is the Rio Tinto plan to build a lithium mine in the country.