Serbia’s local municipality revokes pro-Rio Tinto mining Spatial Plan

NEWS 16.12.2021 11:16
Ekološki ustanak, protest, blokada puteva, auto put, autoput, Loznica
Source: N1

As President Aleksandar Vucic announced, the local assembly in Serbia’s western town of Loznica voted on Thursday to annul its Spatial Plan adopted last July, said to have enabled the Rio Tinto’s lithium mine in the area.

The decision was brought without any debate as the first item on the session’s agenda, triggering protest by the opposition councillors.

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The Loznica assembly met the first request of the local associations and activists, worried about the environment and health, by repelling the July decision.

That was the third environmentalists’ request Vucic and Serbia’s authorities on all levels, accepted after roadblocks paralysed the country for three Saturday’s in a row. Vucic denied he yielded to the protesters’ demands but met people’s will.

In the meantime, the N1 crew was banned from covering the session because, as it was said, the TV did not accredit its people in time.


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