Serbia’s Interior Min denies any links to organised criminal group

Aleksandar Vulin
Source: Tanjug / Jadranka Ilić

Aleksandar Vulin, Serbia Interior Minister, denied claims of an arrested member of an organised group about their meetings, adding that "if they (the group) had not committed such atrocities, it would have been funny."

According to Marko Miljkovic’s statement to the police published by the NewsMax Adria TV, he met with Vulin and President Aleksandar Vucic, who allegedly asked them to do some jobs for the regime.

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The group leader Veljko Belivuk made the same claims earlier, according to the transcript of his statement during the police interrogation published by the investigative KRIK website.

On Monday, Vulin said that „their ‘consigliere’ has prepared them (group’s members) all,’ not to speak in their defence, while Belivuk and Miljkovic were tasked with warning us – ‘if some doesn’t come to their senses, well’ say everything about them.'“

„They tried to blackmail us, but it doesn’t work with us, and especially not with Vucic,“ Vulin said.

Vucic and other ruling party officials indicated they had evidence about their political opponents’ links to the organised crime but had so far failed to name any.

A European Parliament group warned them and the media their control to stop that.