Serbia’s fmr ecology min: Lithium extraction technology destroys environment

Source: N1 (arhiva)

Goran Trivan, Serbia's former Minister of Ecology, said on Wednesday the technology for lithium extraction was "disastrous and destroys the environment without a doubt."

„I think that lithium exploitation in Serbia is impossible because we cannot accept a substantial collapse of nature for a small profit. Lithium mines in the world look dramatically, and the question is why the European countries don’t mine lithium through having much more of it than Serbia,“ Trivan told the independent Danas daily.

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He added the foreign companies wouldn’t have the environment as their priority as long as the Government didn’t have it.

The management of Rio Tinto, the company that plans to exploit lithium in Serbia, claims enough resources are invested in removing all environmental consequences.

However, the activists and people who live in the mining region in western Serbia disagree. They are against the mine, saying it will have devastating consequences to people’s health and the country’s environment.

Trivan, a member of the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), a part of the ruling coalition, said he planned to form an environmental association.