Finance Ministry investigates Serbia’s opposition leader business

Dragan Đilas
Source: Tanjug / Tara Radovanović

Serbia's Finance Ministry's Administration for the Prevention of Money Laundering said on Thursday it started a probe into opposition leader Dragan Djilas' alleged links to the company Ascanius LTD company in Mauritius.

The Administration’s website added its investigation included „activities on collecting data, information and documents in the country and abroad to verify important financial intelligence data that indicate suspicion of money laundering, tax evasion and concealment of real property by the company Ascanius LTD and Dragan Djilas.“

Earlier on Thursday, Djilas denied any link to the company, saying it was founded in 2011, and its owner was Fared Sodabar. Djilas also showed reporters a picture of Sodabar as the owner of the firm, adding the company had a turnover of 21,000 Euro in 2019.

He also denied all allegations that President Aleksandar Vucic and his ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), and the pro-regime media made against him in recent days.

Djilas also said he would file criminal charges against all of them for forgery.