Serbia’s electronic media watchdog to discuss sex scenes on TV Pink

Olivera Zekić
Source: Nemanja Jovanović/

The head of Serbia’s electronic media watchdog told the FoNet news agency that possible transgressions by the pro-regime TV pink would be discussed “very soon”.

TV Pink aired live footage of a couple having sex in a reality TV show on January 1, drawing fierce criticism and condemnation from civil society organizations and the general public. The edited footage also appeared on social media.

Olivera Zekic, head of the Council of the Regulatory Body for Electronic Media (REM), told FoNet that “possible noted transgressions” of pornographic content would be discussed “very soon” at meeting of the body. She said that the REM monitoring service has drawn up a report which will be submitted to the REM. According to Zekic, TV Pink will be called to speak on the incident at the meeting before the REM Council decides on possible sanctions.

TV Pink owner Zeljko Mitrovic said that the airing of the pornographic content was accidental.