Serbia’s Def Min quits SNS party post in Belgrade over wiretapping scandal

NEWS 29.05.2021 14:28
Nebojša Stefanović
Source: N1

Serbia’s Defense Minister, Nebojsa Stefanovic, resigned on Saturday as head of the ruling party's branch in Belgrade over the recent scandal involving the illegal wiretapping of President Aleksandar Vucic.

Stefanovic lost the vote of confidence of local councils of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) because of the wiretapping affair that occurred during his time serving as interior minister.

„There will be no beheadings in our party,” Vucic said, confirming that he has received Stefanovic’s resignation from the post of the head of the party’s Belgrade council.

He said that the party will handle the matter internally and that it will be guided by principles.

The President announced fundamental changes during the forthcoming party convention.

A member of the party leadership and lawmaker Vladimir Djukanovic said on Saturday that the main reason for the no-confidence vote and his request for Stefanovic’s resignation was the “wiretapping of the president” by a body Stefanovic was in charge of.

Djukanovic said that he was one of the 50 founders of the Serbian Progressive Party and that he sees it as “his family,” but that at some point a “parallel system was developing” where certain members were “preparing the assassination of President Vucic.”


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