Serbia’s court sets date for preparatory hearing in case against criminal clan

NEWS 22.02.2022 11:54
Velja Nevolja Veljko Belivuk hapšenje stadion
Source: Lalić

A year after the arrest of notorious criminal clan members, and five months after the indictment, Serbia's Higher Court said a preparatory hearing in a case against Veljko Belivuk, accused of being the gang leader, and 29 others, would be held in early March.

The group is accused of murders, conspiring to commit crimes, drug production and distribution, possession and trading weapons and explosives, abduction and rape. The prosecutors expanded the investigation to two more killings.

Some indicted clan members decided to cooperate with the prosecution.

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Belivuk and his clan's members were arrested in February 2021, and the charges were confirmed last October.

The indictment does not cover the alleged cooperation between the clan and Serbia's security services.

Separate proceedings are held against Goran Papic, former deputy head of the Interior Ministry (MUP) Organised Crime Department and Dijana Hrkalovic, MUP's former state secretary.



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