Serbian security agency files charges against former policeman

NEWS 20.04.2021 18:12
Source: Ivan Dinić/Nova S

Serbia’s top civilian security agency and its chief filed charges against former police officer Milan Dumanovic over claims that the agency was sharing the profits of drug trafficking with the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS).

The Security Information Agency (BIA) issued a statement saying that the agency and its Director Bratislav Gasic filed charges against Dumanovic over his statements in the Impression of the Week talk show. Speaking on the Sunday evening show, Dumanovic, a former officer with the Police Covert Surveillance Section, said that “the BIA and SNS were sharing money from drugs”. Dumanovic was fired from the police after claiming that officers from his section had been sent to Bosnia-Herzegovina with then Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic in violation of all regulations. Vucic was assaulted by the crowd at the Potocari memorial center during a commemoration for the victims of the Srebrenica massacres.

The BIA filed the charges of causing panic and unrest while Gasic sued him for insults. “Dumanovic’s claims are an attempt to sow panic among the public through misinformation and weaken the integrity and authority of the national security service,” the statement said, adding that he obstructed BIA measures aimed at protecting the country from current threats, especially organized crime, by creating dissatisfaction and weakening trust in the BIA.