Serbian schools resume classes following bomb threats

NEWS 17.05.2022 12:10
Source: N1/arhiva

Schools in the Serbian capital continued classes on Tuesday following Monday’s bomb threats with some going online and others returning children to classrooms.

A total of 97 private and public schools were reported to have received bomb threats on Monday morning, forcing their evacuation and bringing police bomb squads in to search them. Some schools were still being searched on Tuesday morning.

The Education Ministry said on Tuesday that 173 of 258 elementary, vocational and high schools in Belgrade received bomb threats on Monday.

Media reports said that the bomb threats were sent by e-mail from servers outside the country. The media quoted the e-mail as saying: “Strange sense of calm, as if we’re waiting for a normal day, the same routine as always. We hate ourselves but we want to hurt anyone who stands in our way. The feeling that everything is a dream won’t go away. We see no reason to write anything else. Finally, we can say that were not the first and we are far from being the last”. The e-amil allegedly originated from the Russian Yandex.ry provider. A second e-mail which arrived on Monday afternoon claimed that explosive devices were placed on bridges, in shopping malls, the Presidency and other buildings and stated that the motive behind the bomb threats was Serbia’s refusal to impose sanctions on Russia.

An elementary school principal told N1 that the police came in with dogs and electronic equipment, searching every desk and locker and before moving to the school grounds.

Education Minister Branko Ruzic said that classes continued in the schools that the police searched and that schools still waiting to be searched will go online with their classes.

A press release from the Internal Affairs Ministry (MUP) said the Minister Aleksandar Vulin met with Ruzic to discuss the bomb threats. Vulin is quoted as saying that a special war is being waged against Serbia which is not sparing children and adding that the authorities are seriously investigating the threats.

The MUP press release quoted Ruzic as confirming that the bomb threats were false in all the schools that were searched.