Serbian President slams as ‘scandalous’ EU’s idea of Covid passports

NEWS 13.03.2021 14:42
Source: Tanjug/Zoran Mirković

President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic said on Saturday that the European Union's (EU) announcement of introducing the Covid passports for those who received the vaccines that were approved in the EU was a “bad and scandalous decision,” which opposes European highest standards.

Vucic said he will hopefully not be criticised by the EU member states for his statements since they cherish democracy and freedom of opinion.

Addressing the media in Bahrein, where he is on an official visit, the Serbian President said such decision would be unreasonable but good for Serbia.

“How are they going to ban the arrival of Hungarian prime minister who got China’s vaccine? Now they even made me take the Chinese vaccine after hearing this, and then if they don’t welcome me in Brussels there will be no dialogue with Pristina,” said Vucic.

The citizens of Serbia should not worry, he stressed, because they got the best vaccine and they will be able to get a certificate within 90 minutes so they can travel.

“Then we will be the most open country in Europe. Here, I am inviting 1.3 billion of the Chinese to come, the Latin America, Turkey, people from Russia, Emirates, Bahrain, let them all come,” he added.

Vucic also recalled that Serbia received no single vaccine dose from Europe, which means no citizen of Serbia or the rest of the region would be allowed to travel to EU.

“If they bring any, we will say – thank you, we understood what kind of policy you have towards Serbia and our country will accelerate its progress,” he concluded.


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