Serbian Police Minister supports shooting of Operation Storm film

NEWS 03.10.2021 17:44
vulin film oluja
Source: MUP Srbije

Serbia’s Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin, visited the location where the film "Storm" is being shot in the vicinity of Valjevo, and on that occasion supported the project which talks about the exodus of Serbs from Croatia in 1995.

Vulin assessed that „it is a great thing“ that the new generation of Serbian artists and statesmen prevents the truth about the tragedy and suffering of the Serb people from being forgotten and that “we will see the true story of the ‘Storm’ on the big screen.“

The producer of that film, Vladan Andjelkovic, explained that the film does not deal with the political context of the „Storm“, but „the tragedy of the Serb people which was told through the eyes of ordinary people who were expelled from Croatia in that crime.“


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