Serbian PM tells parliament government committed to change Constitution

NEWS 07.06.2021 12:52
Source: Tanjug/Vlada Republike Srbije/Slobodan Miljević

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic told parliament on Monday that her cabinet is committed to implementing changes to the constitution to make sure that the judiciary is independent, accountable and efficient.

“We have to reinforce rule of law and that will bring a rise in average salaries and pensions. Progress in rule of law should bring the citizens a feeling that they are all equal before the law, that justice is quick and attainable, that the judiciary is independent and responsible and much more efficient,” she said in a presentation of the constitutional amendments.

She said that the government showed its commitment to progress in rule of law and the fight against corruption with the arrest of the president of the Misdemeanor Court in Kraljevo on charges of accepting bribes and the arrest of the head of the Belgrade municipality of Palilula Aleksandar Jovicic, a high-ranking member of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), on charges of corruption. According to her, that shows that party membership does not provide protection.

Brnabic said that a wide-ranging debate had been held on the constitutional amendments, followed by criticism of the previous authorities and the judiciary reforms implemented by the Democratic Party (DS). She said that political rivals of the current authorities have no right to criticize.

Parliament is set to debate the changes to the parts of the constitution governing the judiciary. The amendments are being introduced to align Serbia’s legislature with the European Union acqui communautaire.