Serbian pandemic crisis team eases restrictions on gatherings, opening hours

NEWS 14.06.2021 18:38
zoran gojković n1
Source: N1

The Serbian government’s pandemic crisis team recommended an easing of the measures introduced to stem the spread of the coronavirus, allowing, among other things, fans at sports events and more people at both indoor and outdoor gatherings and easing restrictions on school field trips

Crisis team member Zoran Gojkovic said that the body believes that the situation is stable with the numbers of new coronavirus cases easing off, with fewer than 500 people hospitalized with COVID in the country.

The recommendations to the government include lifting all restrictions on the working hours of retail outlets and the catering and hospitality industry outdoors with cafes and restaurants allowed to keep their indoor facilities open to 1:00 am. Up to 50 percent of capacities will be allowed filled for outdoor sports events and 30 percent for indoor events. Gatherings of up to 500 people will be allowed with special permits issued for larger gatherings, including graduation parties.