Serbian Orthodox Church Patriarch’s Easter message: We pray for peace

NEWS 24.04.2022 12:18
Source: Tanjug / Tara Radovanović

We pray to the Risen Lord to establish peace as soon as possible and unconditionally, to end the suffering and for all refugees to return to their homes, because every war, anywhere and anytime, produces only losers and is a defeat of human dignity, said the Serbian Orthodox Church Patriarch Porfirije in his Easter message.

The religious leader said that this is a difficult time throughout the world and dedicated part of his message to the war in Ukraine.

“We sympathize with all Orthodox Christians, brothers and sisters, we sympathize with all the people of this world, as we watch the conflicts on Ukrainian soil and throughout the world take their toll,” he said, adding that “while ruthless wars are being waged in many places in the world, the ordinary people suffer the most.”

He also praised health workers and many others people who have shown “immortal acts of self-sacrificing love for God and the fatherland” in recent months.

“In our Easter joy, with special pastoral care and responsibility, we send fatherly greetings and prayers to our sisters and brothers in the homeland and abroad, wherever Orthodox Serbs live. Especially to those in Kosovo and Metohija, our spiritual and national cradle, and we are telling them that we know their temptations and struggles, but that their Mother Church will always be with them as before,” he said.


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