Serbian official says Vucic to speak on Sunday

NEWS 19.08.2022 15:05
Source: N1

The head of the Serbian government’s Office for Kosovo said on Friday that President Aleksandar Vucic won’t make any public statements before Sunday.

“Vucic has postponed his address because he can’t reconcile himself with the fact that we have conflicts in Kosovo, that we have no solution and are working day and night to find solutions,” Petar Petkovic told reporters in Belgrade, adding that Vucic will address the nation after meeting Kosovo Serb political leaders in Belgrade.

He said that Thursday was “the most difficult day in the past 11 years since the negotiations have been going on in Brussels”. “We can’t say we had a successful day but we did everything to fight for peace and continue on towards a compromise solution,” he said.

Petkovic confirmed that the talks continued on Friday. He said the president informed outgoing Prime Minister Ana Brnabic about Thursday’s meetings. According to him, the European Union saw that Serbia was ready to cooperate to find a solution but that “there was no readiness and even complete refusal by Pristina, that is (Kosovo Prime Minister Albin) Kurti”.

Petkovic said the Serbian delegation offered two solutions to resolve the issues of personal ID documents and vehicle license plates. “We were prepared to accept what was agreed in 2011 for personal ID documents, that is entry and exit documents for people resident in central Serbia but not for north Kosovo Serbs”, he said, adding that the proposal for license plates was to allow Serbs resident in Kosovo choose KS (status neutral under UN SC Resolution 1244) or Republic of Kosovo plates.

“Kurti rejected everything and it’s clear he is not in Brussels to find a solution with us but for some other reason which Vucic will disclose on Sunday,” Petkovic said.