Serbian NGO chief says number of migrants rising

NEWS 15.06.2022 10:50
Source: MUP Srbije

The head of the Serbian Asylum Protection Center (APC) NGO said on Wednesday that more than a thousand migrants are living in the open in the country.

APC Executive Director Rados Djurovic said that the migrants not registered with the authorities are mainly living out in the open along Serbia’s border with Croatia, Hungary and Romania. He said that they risk being “illegally expelled” from those countries back to Serbia. He said about 600 people are violently pushed back into Serbia every weekend.

Djurovic said that there are another 4,500 migrants in camps run by the government’s Refugee Commissariat. He said that there are more living in rented accommodation to hide from the authorities waiting for smugglers to take them across the border into the European Union. According to him, refugees from Asia and Africa are still moving along the Balkan route to Serbia and their numbers are increasing. “According to our information, at least 200 people a day enter Serbia from Kosovo, North Macedonia and Bulgaria,” he said.