Serbian minister says Russian vaccine to be produced in Serbia

NEWS 12.02.2021 18:37

Serbian Minister without portfolio Nenad Popovic said on Friday Russian experts approved the start of the first phase of production of the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine at the Torlak Institute of Virology, Vaccines and Serums in Belgrade.

A government press release quoted the minister as saying that the Russian delegation, which includes representatives of the Ministry of Industry, the Direct Investment Fund and the Russian Drug Agency, was satisfied with what they saw at Torlak. “The first phase has received preliminary approval and production could start in two or three months,” he said adding that the first phase includes delivery of the vaccine which will then be filled into dose ampules for distribution in Serbia and the region.

Popovic said that another group of Russian experts is due to visit Belgrade to decide if full production of the vaccine is possible at the Torlak institute.


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