Serbian minister calls KFOR to prevent incursions by armed gangs from Kosovo

NEWS 03.02.2022 13:58
Source: Ministarstvo odbrane Srbije

Serbian Internal Affairs Minister Aleksandar Vulin said on Thursday that more than 50 cases of armed groups crossing into Serbia from Kosovo were reported in the Ground Safety Zone in 2021 and called KFOR to secure the administrative boundary.

“We had 56 incursions by those gangs who are organized to rob the property of our citizens last year alone in the Ground Safety Zone,” Vulin said after a meeting with Defense Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic and Chief of Staff General Milan Mojsilovic in the southern city of Kursumlija. He said that the “organized Albanian gangs” crossed the boundary into Serbia proper to cut lumber illegally and often opened fire at Serbian security forces.

He said that KFOR is responsible for security in Kosovo including along the administrative boundary adding that the international forces should prevent incursions by illegal loggers. According to Vulin, the Serbian police and military deployed in the Ground Safety Zone are prepared to enforce the law and protect the population and added that he expects KFOR to do its job and take responsibility for security along the administrative boundary line.