Serbian government freezes sugar prices

NEWS 26.05.2022 17:10
Source: N1

The Serbian government froze the price of sugar at 89.99 Dinars a kilogram on Thursday, following days of shortages.

A government press release said that the “price of crystal sugar in 1kg package remains limited at RSD 89.99”, adding that the demand for 1 kg packs of sugar has risen, causing shortages. The government decree ordered wholesalers to distribute sugar to retailers within 5 days.

Sugar shortages began over the past two weeks with some political analysts claiming that the bulk buying began after Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic repeatedly assured the public that there would be enough food despite the Ukraine crisis while others claimed that the shortages were caused by the tradition of jam making.

Media across the country have been reporting shortages of refined sugar in 1kg packages, despite recent price rises along with shortages of flour.