Serbian government adopts IT Development Strategy

NEWS 26.08.2021 20:33
Source: MTTT

Telecommunications Minister Tatjana Matic said on Thursday that the Serbian government adopted a Development Strategy for an IT society and IT security up to the year 2026.

A ministry press release quoted her as saying that the Serbian authorities recognized the importance of digitalization and IT security. “The strategy covers two important areas – IT society and IT security – whose development is a condition for full digitalization,” she said.

According to her, the Strategy will help the public learn digital skills, raise public sector employee capacities for new technologies and improve digital infrastructure in schools. She said that effort has to be invested to digitalize services and business activities in both the public and private sectors by stimulating public-private partnership along with regional and international cooperation.

The government also adopted an Action plan for activities upt to 2023. Digitalization has been declared one of the priorities of Prime Minister Ana Brnabic’s government.