Serbian farmers report bad corn harvest

NEWS 26.09.2022 14:36
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Source: N1

Serbian farmers reported much lower yields of corn than in earlier years, with some estimates saying the harvest will be up to 90 percent lower than average.

According to the head of the Banat Farmers’ Association Dragan Kleut, the harvest is very bad. “We estimated that it would be 80 lower but now we see that the yield is 90 percent lower than average,” he said and warned that even “astronomically high” prices would not help farmers recover.

Farmers reported that they are harvesting a maximum of 4 tons a hectare with some farms yielding 600 kilograms a hectare.

The head of the Independent Farmers’ Association of Serbia Jovica Jaksic said that farmers who used every possible measure to ensure a good harvest were getting 1.6 tons per hectare.

The farmers blamed the bad harvest on the drought during the summer and the heavy rains that followed.