Serbian Environment Ministry official reports to parliament committee

NEWS 28.05.2021 14:22
Source: N1

A senior Serbian Environment Ministry official said on Friday that the ministry never denied air pollution problems.

Ministry State Secretary Ivan Karic told the parliament Environment Committee that the ministry that ministry reported extensively on the problem. “The air pollution problem is great, the problems are decades old – the use of fossil fuels, traffic, small heater facilities,” Karic said.

He said that 10 municipalities had been awarded a total of 100 million Dinars (1 Euro – 118 Dinars) to co-finance projects aimed at reducing air pollution and another 200 million to 24 local communities to improve heating facilities as well as another 100 million Dinars to plant trees in 38 municipalities. He said that a plan of activities had been adopted for 2021, adding that activities were being coordinated with European Union member states on Serbia’s pre-accession negotiations.

Karic said that the government feels that the economy can’t advance at the expense of the environment.