Serbian documentary peaks on Netflix in first week

NEWS 04.07.2022 13:46
Source: Printscreen / Dugo putovanje u rat

Milos Skundric’s documentary The Long Road to War was included among the 10 most viewed films on Netflix in 14 European countries in the first week it was aired.

Production house Paradox Film said that it had especially good ratings in the Nordic countries, reaching 9th place in the Netherlands and 6th in Sweden. It added that it had high ratings in Slovenia and Croatia as well. “This is important news for Serbian cinematography and Serbian historiography,” a press release said.

The documentary features a number of prominent historians (John Rohl, Hew Strachan, Dominc Lieven, Annika Mombauer, Oleg Airapetov, Georges-Henri Soutou, Lothar Hobelt, Stig Forster, Jean-Paul Bled, Alan Asked, Dusan Batakovic) talking about the events leading up to World War 1.

The documentary was first aired on Netfli on June 28, the anniversary of the assassination of Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand by Bosnian Serb nationalist Gavrilo Princip.

It has been showing in 30 European countries where Netflix has an audience of some 70 million subscribers and will be available for viewing for the next five years. It was made with support from the Serbian Culture Ministry, the Film Center of Serbia in 2018.

The Long Road to War won awards at a number of international festivals on all continents and has been shown at institutions such as the University of Tokyo and the Smithsonian in Washington DC.