Serbian DefMin says KFOR is only legitimate force in Kosovo

NEWS 26.01.2021 20:19
Source: Ministarstvo odbrane

Serbian Defense Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic said in Tuesday’s meeting with KFOR commander Major General Franco Federici that the international forces are the only legitimate armed formation in Kosovo.

A ministry press release quoted Stefanovic as saying that he “expects KFOR to provide a safe environment for all ethnic groups in Serbia’s southern province”. The ministry released a photograph of the minister and general shaking hands.

According to Stefanovic, responsibility for security in Kosovo cannot be transferred to others, adding that the transformation of “the so-called Kosovo Security Forces” is absolutely unacceptable for Serbia because that is in violation of UN Security Council resolution 1244 and the Military Technical Agreement signed after the 1999 NATO air campaign.

Stefanovic wants KFOR to maintain its operational capabilities. He is quoted as saying that a possible decision to reduce those forces has to be based on a continuous assessment of political and military developments and security indicators, not on set dates. He added that cooperation between the Serbian military and KFOR in combating terrorism has to be intensified and recalled reports by international organizations that warned of serious problems with radicalization and combatants returning home, the press release said.