Serbian Culture Minister: Sexual violence against women cannot go unpunished

NEWS 17.01.2021 15:55
Source: Tanjug/Dragan Kujundzić

Serbian Culture and Information Minister Maja Gojkovic, welcomed the arrest of the owner of the acting school Miroslav Mika Aleksic, suspected of raping underage girls, and expressed the expectation that the case would end up on court so that those responsible would bear the legal consequences and sanctions, sending a message to society that violence against women cannot go unpunished.

According to the Ministry, Gojkovic pointed out that the confession of the young actress Milena Radulovic, who testified about the horrible sexual violence she survived in the famous acting school, upset the whole society for a reason and showed that sexual violence against children and women is present and often hidden, which is why it is therefore essential that all victims have clear support from everyone in their struggle.

“This is important not just because of Milena, but other girls and women who were or still are in this situation, especially from the field of culture, who were often victims of violence which nobody speaks of. It is up to the entire society to support them and for the competent institutions to react quickly,” Gojkovic said.


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