Serbian Constitutional Court says police violated foreigners’ rights

NEWS 11.08.2021 18:11
Source: N1

A Chinese news portal said that the Serbian Constitutional Court ruled that the Belgrade police violated the rights of people planning to stage a protest during a summit of the heads of government of China and 16 east European countries in Belgrade in 2014.

The portal said that the summit was part of Beijing’s Belt and Road initiative. It said that 11 people from Bulgaria, Slovaki and Finland came to Belgrade despite a ban on public gatherings during the summit to stage a protest against the persecution of the Falun Gong movement in China. It said that the Belgrade police, which banned public gatherings, arrested and deported the 11 people without giving them the right to a translator, access to a lawyer and phone.

The portal said that they initiated court proceedings against the Serbian police but the Internal Affairs Ministry and the Higher Court in Belgrade threw out the law suits. Proceedings were launched with the Serbian Constitutional Court in May 2021 and that court ruled that they had been illegally detained and had the right to damages.

According to the portal, the Constitutional Court ruled that the Belgrade Police Department for Foreigners violated their rights guaranteed under Article 27 of the Serbian Constitution. That ruling does not allow a right to appeal.