Serbian central bank report on complaints against financial service providers

NEWS 09.03.2021 19:47
Narodna banka Srbije, NBS
Source: N1

The National Bank of Serbia released a report on complaints filed against providers of financial services which showed that more than 2,000 complaints were filed in 2020 with less than a fourth of them resolved positively.

The report said that complaints were filed against banks, insurance companies, VPF management companies, leasing providers, payment institutions and electronic money institutions. A total of 2,143 were filed and 1,681 were rejected as groundless with 462 resolved in favor of the filers. The report includes a list of 15 banks found in violation of the law which protects their clients.

It said that most of the complaints against banks were over loans (43.9 percent), payment accounts/services (35.1) and payment cards (15.9). Most of the complaints against insurers were over motor third party liability insurance (33.7%) and accident insurance (22.7%). the report said that 202 mediation proposals were made and 49 of them accepted.


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