Serbian Bishop Grigorije plans to rally young people to create new system

NEWS 07.01.2021 13:26

Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) Bishop Grigorije told NewsMax Adria that he is planning to rally as many young people as he can to create a system which will not depend on any one man.

Grigorije, SPC Bishop of Dusseldorf and all Germany, said that system could be made by the young people he believes in. “My plan is to rally as many educated, honest, smart and brave young people as possible who want to return to Serbia if they aren’t there already and sacrifice themselves to create a system of law first of all. I do not want anything to depend on one man,” he said.

Asked to comment claims that he is a savior, Grigorije replied saying that no single man exists who could be the savior. “We need to create a system so that we won’t have to look for a savior again,” he said.

The bishop said that he has found young people but refused to discuss his plan in detail when asked if he would actively join in politics in Serbia.

Asked about possible state interference in the election of a new head of the SPC, Grigorije said that the bishops elect the patriarch but added that it’s evident that the state won’t just sit idly by while the head of one of the most influential institutions is elected.