Serbia tightens anti-epidemic measures

NEWS 26.02.2021 10:09
Source: N1

Serbia's Crisis Team for curbing the coronavirus epidemic decided on Friday to shorten the shopping malls' and cafes' and restaurants' working hours from 8 pm to 2 pm during the next weekend, N1 had unofficially learned.

The Team will officially specify its new measures at a news conference at 3 pm.

It held a session earlier on Friday following the worsening of Serbia’s epidemic situation, particularly after the winter holiday when ski centres were packed with people who mostly did not respect the current measures.

The new working hours’ exemptions include food shops, health and veterinarian practices, laboratories, hairdressers, and food delivery services.

The petrol station will be opened only for refuelling after 2 pm.

The Crisis Team will meet next Monday again to assess the stricter measures’ effects over the weekend.