Serbia signs declaration condemning Russian invasion of Ukraine

NEWS 23.05.2022 11:46
Source: REUTERS/Alexander Ermochenko

Serbia signed the declaration issued by the annual Adriatic and Ionian Council meeting in Tirana calling Russia’s invasion of Ukraine illegal and unjustified aggression.

The countries of the region, meeting in the capital of Albania, said in the declaration that they deplore the illegal and unjustified aggression by Russia against Ukraine, reaffirmed their commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity and expressed grave concern at the deteriorating humanitarian situation in and around Ukraine.

The non-binding declaration was adopted by representatives of the governments of Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Montenegro, North Macedonia, San Marino, Serbia and Slovenia meeting at the VII Adriatic and Ionian Council / EUSAIR Ministerial Meeting over the weekend. It was released following a meeting of senior Foreign Ministry officials behind closed doors.

They also welcomed the help and assistance of any kind provided to Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees.

Two Serbian nationalist parties – the Dveri Moverment and the Oathkeepers – condemned official Belgrade for signing the declaration.