Serbia, Romania sign deal to build cross-border highway

NEWS 24.06.2022 11:24
Source: Đorđe Krstić/Ministarstvo građevinarstva, saobraćaja i infrastrukture

The governments of Serbia and Romania signed an agreement to build a highway between the Serbian capital and the city of Timisoara, a government press release said.

It said that Serbian Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Minister signed the agreement in Timisoara on Wednesday evening with Romania’s Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Sorin Mihai Grindeanu. Under the agreement the Belgrade – Vatin (Serbia) and Timisoara – Moravica (Romania) highways will be connected.

Momirovic that the new highway means that Belgrade and Timisoara will be only an hour’s drive apart. He said the road is a strategically important corridor for both countries.

Grindeanu said that feasibility studies for the highway will be completed in the fall, adding that the construction job will be awarded next year. He said the highway will be built with European Union financial support.