Serbia relaxes measures despite almost 5,000 newly infected daily

NEWS 02.04.2021 18:04

Serbia’s Crisis Team for fighting the coronavirus epidemic decided on Friday to relax the existing restrictive measures and allow the opening of outdoor cafes and restaurants as of Monday after weeks of a partial lockdown despite almost 5,000 a day, while the number of death cases was above 30.

Also, from Monday, the Team extended the food stores and gyms working hours from 9 to 10 pm.

The strict respect of physical distance conditions the relaxed measures, the Crisis team made up of doctors and politicians, and prime minister Ana Brnabic, has ruled.

The opening of shopping malls will be discussed during the weekend and early next week.

Dr Branislav Tiodorovic, a member of the Crisis Team, warned earlier on Friday that the country’s hospitals have been swamped with COVID patients and added that the current anti-pandemic measures should not be eased until the situation changes.

Many independent doctors have been warning that the country needed a total lockdown for two-three weeks if it wanted to curb the epidemic.

On March 16, 2020, ten days after the first coronavirus case in the country was officially reported, Serbia introduced the state of emergency and a curfew with 46 confirmed COVID-19 cases and no deaths. It lasted until May 6, ahead of the June general elections in the country.

On April 2, 2020, official data put the number of deaths from COVID-19-related complications at 31, while 111 people were confirmed infected with the coronavirus.

This Friday, according to the Health Ministry, 39 people died and 4,826 were infected over the last 24 hours.

Also on Friday, over 2.5 million vaccines were used in Serbia.


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